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Latino Services

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We understand the needs of the Latino community, and can provide assistance with:

The fear of arrest and/or deportation which is disrupting communities across the country and separating thousands of parents from their children. As a result of this separation, children in these families are at increased risk of psychological distress and economic hardship. Additionally cultural factors have made some households in the Latino community reluctant to seek support and services. We can help families access additional assistance and support. Staff working in this division are bilingual and understand the needs for our Latino families.

The following services are offered:

  1. Intensive In-Home Services
  2. Outpatient Services
  3. Medication Management




Paint the City Pink


We have great fun with Paint the City Pink activities. Our goal is to create healthy communities throughout North Carolina. We have bounce houses, food, music and games for the children. If you would like to for us to consider your community as a Paint the City Pink location Click here for more information




Teens About Being Better Youth



About T.A.B.B.Y.

Adolescence refers to the process of developing from a child into an adult. With this transition comes many challenges. Behavioral risks include but are not limited to drugs, alcohol, and substance use and abuse; unsafe sex, teenage pregnancy, and teenage parenting; school underachievement, failure, and dropout; and delinquency, crime, and violence. Poverty among youth exacerbates these risks. T.A.B.B.Y, an acronym for Teens About Being Better Youth, was created to enrich the lives of TEENS by linking them to resources that provide outlets that facilitate to process of creating successful adults.


Our Mission

T.A.B.B.Y.’s Mission is to partner with parents, educators and community leaders, to create programs and activities that promote positive development in TEENS. We serve teens from under-served communities in the Triangle. We offer programs where they can connect and collaborate with individuals who are professional and successful role models for success and achievement. Many of the young people we serve live at or below poverty in distressed environments where they deal with violence drug abuse and hopelessly. Many no longer see purpose in getting an education, and the rate of graduation has drastically decreased. T.A.B.B.Y. can help fill the void for hopes and dreams, and create a secure foundation upon which success can be built